Musis Sacrum

Project Musis Sacrem
Architects van Dongen-Koschuch
Location Arnhem
Photography Bart van Hoek

The municipality of Arnhem formulated a new sustainable and multifunctional music building. A building that could combine the achievements for the Municipality of Arnhem and that of the performer, into a National Interesting and Inspiring Concert Hall. The hall is situated in a park landscape and importance is placed on the visual marriage between the building and it’s serene surroundings that stimulate the notion of the arts.

tekst 1

The Boring Collection_ has been applied in the offices of the theater

AVL Office chair_ without armrest in the foreground and the PH1 barstool at a bar in the foyer

Boring Task chair and Boring desk_ at the offices of Musis Sacrem

The Musis Sacrum project consists of the renovations of the existing monument alongside the new extension of the main hall and its’ supportive functions. The lamellar wall decorations with its deep green color schemes are striking, mimicking the serenity of nature within. When walking into the grand entrance, the look and feel of the beige Portuguese slate concrete forms a remarkable contrast to the six black leather AVL Glyder Poufs. Thought out to perfection, the materials utilized are overtly sober with continuity of a simplistic nature, such as slate of clean concrete. The office spaces are filled with furniture of the Boring Collection and Stealth Cabinets also in Boring Gray.

tekst 2

The foyer with lamellar wall decorations in a deep green color

The dressing rooms are equipped with black AVL Office Chairs in leather, with matte black four-piece chassis made to measure. The common living area is decorated with black PH1 bar stools and AVL Office Chairs surrounding the copper tables.

Parkzaal Musis, designed by Van Dongen-Koschuch Architects and Planners on behalf of the Municipality of Arnhem is the winner of the Heuvelink prize in 2018, a professional jury prize for the most outstanding new building.

AVL Office chair_ in black without armrest and no wheels