Loft Antwerpen

Exterior of Loft Antwerpen

Residence Lensvelt Loft
Furniture Lensvelt Furniture and other design labels
Location Antwerpen

Photography Lucid © and J.W. Kaldenbach


Cane Divan_ is a classic Rotan wood lounger for inside and outside

AVL Glyder 240 Sofa_ accompanied with the MVS LT92 low table

Military Chair_ and the Studio Job Lamp

Gispen Coffee Table_ with one top

AVL Spider Chair_ and Studio Job Lamp match perfectly in blue

MVS LC95 Lounge Chair_ by Maarten Van Severen is a statement piece

Blocks Seating System_ by OMA work very well inside the apartment

No Sign Of Design Collection_ by Richard Hutten oozes simple functional design

This Bucket Chair_ upholstered in different blue heus

Krattenkast_ by Mark van der Gronden is made of recycled crates

MVS S88 Chair_ is a designer piece

Original wooden beams are preserved

AVL Cloudtable_ by Atelier van Lieshout is your not so standard bar table